Travel, Per Diem, Contract and Permanent Nursing Jobs in West Virginia

West Virginia is known as "the Mountain State" and the Appalachian Mountains define the character of the land.  Life in West Virginia is about mountain hikes, lazy days exploring amazing scenery and country stores on back roads.  White water raft in the summer and ski from the beautiful mountain tops in the winter.  West Virginia is also the place for registered nurses to enjoy blue grass music, great food, horse racing and the opportunity to meet down to earth people. 

If you crave excitement, you'll love West Virginia's whitewater adventures.  The New River and Gauley Rivers are famous for their whitewater rafting with some sections rated as class V.  West Virginia is a great place for outdoor fun with great hiking, camping, rock climbing, and numerous ATV trails too.

West Virginia is one of the best places in the country for exploring back roads through the mountains.  You'll find incredible scenery, historic landmarks and hidden gems in country stores.  And in the fall, the forests are repainted in a palette of incredible colors.

In the winter, West Virginia has five ski resorts that offer downhill skiing, snowboarding and snowtubing.  Canaan Valley State Park and Blackwater Falls State Park both over miles and miles of beautiful cross country ski trails too.

No matter what the season, West Virginia has something to offer registered nurses.  So when you're ready to advance you're career, consider taking an assignment in the great state of West Virginia. 

Type of Position   (what's a compact state?)
Location Features (within driving distance)
Posted Occupation Specialty Type Compensation Location
OngoingRNICUTravel, ContractMorgantown, WV
OngoingRNICU Float PoolTravelMorgantown, WV
OngoingRNERTravel, ContractMartinsburg, WV
OngoingRNERTravelMartinsburg, WV
OngoingRNM/STravel, Contract$ 39.74 - $ 42.74Parkersburg, WV
OngoingRNMed/Surg FloorTravelParkersburg, WV
OngoingRNERTravel, Contract$ 41.66 - $ 44.66Charleston, WV
OngoingRNLTCTravel, ContractWeirton, WV
OngoingRNSkilled CareTravelWeirton, WV
OngoingRNERTravel, ContractMorgantown, WV
OngoingRNERTravelMorgantown, WV
OngoingRNTELETravel, Contract$ 41.66 - $ 44.66Weston, WV
OngoingRNM/STravel, Contract$ 39.74 - $ 42.74Parkersburg, WV
OngoingRNERTravel, Contract$ 41.66 - $ 44.66Parkersburg, WV
OngoingRNMed/Surg FloorTravel$ 39.74 - $ 42.74Parkersburg, WV
OngoingRNEmergency RoomTravel$ 41.66 - $ 44.66Parkersburg, WV
OngoingRNTELETravel, Contract$ 41.66 - $ 44.66Parkersburg, WV
OngoingRNtelemetryTravel$ 41.66 - $ 44.66Parkersburg, WV
OngoingRNTELETravel, ContractFairmont, WV
OngoingRNM/STravel, ContractSummersville, WV
OngoingRNICUTravel, ContractSummersville, WV
OngoingRNORTravel, Contract$ 41.66 - $ 44.66Charleston, WV
OngoingRNTELETravel, Contract$ 41.66 - $ 44.66Charleston, WV
OngoingRegistered Nurseoperating room nurseTravel, ContractRonceverte, WV
OngoingRegistered Nurseccu nurseTravel, ContractParkersburg, WV
OngoingRNOperating RoomTravel, Contract, PermanentWheeling, WV
OngoingRNMedTravel, Contract, PermanentPetersburg, WV
OngoingRNTele Med Travel, Contract, PermanentWheeling, WV
OngoingRNER I Travel, Contract, PermanentWheeling, WV
OngoingRNER IV Travel, Contract, PermanentPetersburg, WV
OngoingRNMedTravel, Contract, PermanentWheeling, WV
OngoingRNICUTravel, Contract, PermanentPetersburg, WV
OngoingRNICU Travel, Contract, PermanentWheeling, WV
OngoingRNICU Travel, Contract, PermanentKingwood, WV
OngoingRNIntermediate CareTravel, Contract, PermanentWheeling, WV
OngoingRNORTravel, Contract, PermanentWheeling, WV
OngoingRNCVOR Travel, Contract, PermanentParkersburg, WV
OngoingRNIntensive CareTravel, ContractWheeling, WV
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