Travel, Per Diem, Contract and Permanent Nursing Jobs in the Groton, Connecticut area

When you're a travel nurse, you're given the opportunity to encounter some of the most brilliant and invigorating places in the world. By taking a travel assignment in Connecticut, you prove that you know and take full advantage of this fact. The state itself may be small in size, but it contains an overabundance of history and activity sure to make your visit a memorable one.

Due to its location in the northeast, Connecticut has an expansive history worth reading up on. Noteworthy visitation sites include the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, the home of the famous author who wrote the historic novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin; the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, featuring profound tours like What Lies Beneath and a pleasant cafe to spend the afternoon; and the Freedom Trail, which allows visitors the phenomenal chance to realize what the American dream really means by journeying to areas deemed important to the historical struggle of African Americans.

After enlightenment comes a generous portion of recreational activities. Even in cold weather, the people of Connecticut know how to have a good time. Try your hand at ice fishing, for example, at Candlewood Lake. Or enjoy a performance at the Long Wharf Theatre.  The shopping scene is alive at all hours and at the end of the day, you can relax in one of the many spas like the excellent Winvian Resort.

Treat yourself to the ultimate travel nursing experience and give the state of Connecticut a try. You'll get all you want and more out of your next travel nursing assignment, and you'll certainly enjoy telling others the adventures you had for years to come.

Lic. Board:  Connecticut Board of Examiners ...
Avg High in October:  64° w/ 3.90" of precip.
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Location Features (within driving distance)
Posted Occupation Specialty Type Compensation Location
OngoingRNM/STravel, ContractNorwich, CT
OngoingRNMed/SurgTravelNorwich, CT
OngoingRNPACUTravel, ContractNorwich, CT
OngoingRNPACUTravelNorwich, CT
OngoingRNPSYCHTravel, ContractNorwich, CT
OngoingRNPsychTravelNorwich, CT
OngoingRNCARDIAC CATHTravel, ContractNorwich, CT
OngoingRNCardiac Cath LabTravelNorwich, CT
OngoingRNPsychTravelNorwich, CT
OngoingRNERTravelNorwich, CT
OngoingRNL&DTravelNorwich, CT
OngoingRNERTravel, ContractNorwich, CT
OngoingRNIV TherapyTravelNorwich, CT
OngoingRNER ITravelNorwich, CT
OngoingRNORTravelNorwich, CT
OngoingRNORTravelNorwich, CT
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