Travel, Per Diem, Contract and Permanent Nursing Jobs in the Waterloo, Iowa area

Travelers who take an assignment in Iowa are always in for a treat. With picturesque views and a friendly social environment, this is certainly one of the more pleasant states to work and play in.

Iowa has more than its share of attractions. The Octagon Center for the Arts makes a point to inspire others to be creative. The art galleries hold immortal images and work by talented artists that challenge the minds of viewers. You'll also find unique treasures at the gift shop; the items here are handcrafted and therefore one of a kind. If you long for an action-packed time, you can spend the day at Adventureland. Space Shot, Tornado, and the Dragon are just some of the most stimulating rides in the park. Arcade games and the ever-popular bingo also appeal to a multitude of guests.

During your stay, you'll be encouraged to enjoy the pleasures of the natural world as well. Tour Crystal Lake Cave to drink in the dazzling sight of glittering stalactites and giant stalagmites. For a greener, more flowery scene, botanical gardens such as Heritage Rose Garden nurture colorful blooms that have attracted visitors for years and continue to do so today.

You can give yourself the chance to enjoy the finer things in life whilst on assignment in Iowa. This state is many a travel nurse's dream come true, and who knows - it may be just the place you were looking for.

Licensing:  Compact
Lic. Board:  Iowa Board of Nursing
Avg High in November:  45° w/ 1.80" of precip.
Type of Position   (what's a compact state?)
Location Features (within driving distance)
Posted Occupation Specialty Type Compensation Location
OngoingRNERTravel, ContractWaterloo, IA
OngoingRNM/STravel, Contract$ 37.83 - $ 40.83Fort Dodge, IA
OngoingRNOB/GYNTravel, Contract$ 32.09 - $ 35.09Newton, IA
OngoingRNCRNATravel, ContractWest Burlington, IA
OngoingRNPACUTravel$ 41.66 - $ 44.66Fort Dodge, IA
OngoingRNCRNATravelWest Burlington, IA
OngoingRNSUPERVISORTravel, ContractDenison, IA
OngoingRegistered Nursel&d ob nurseTravel, ContractNew Hampton, IA
OngoingRegistered Nurseemergency room nurseTravel, ContractCenterville, IA
OngoingRegistered Nurseemergency room nurseTravel, ContractNew Hampton, IA
OngoingRegistered Nursecath lab nurseTravel, ContractOttumwa, IA
OngoingRegistered Nurseemergency room nurseTravel, ContractOttumwa, IA
OngoingNursingCath Lab RNTravel, Contract, Permanent$ 36.55 - $ 39.55Fort Dodge, IA
OngoingNursingCath Lab RNTravel, Contract, Permanent$ 35.28 - $ 38.28Fort Dodge, IA
OngoingRNERTravel, ContractMason City, IA
OngoingRNCVORTravelMason City, IA
OngoingRNPACUTravel, ContractIowa
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