Travel, Per Diem, Contract and Permanent Nursing Jobs in the Fargo, North Dakota area

North Dakota is a land of wide open spaces where life moves at a slower pace and people aren't packed together quite as close.  North Dakota has beautiful badlands to explore and scenic drives across the grassland prairies where the buffalo still roam. 


Fargo is North Dakota's largest city and with three universities, it is rich in cultural opportunities, concerts, museums and great eateries.  Bismarck is the state capital and has a popular downtown and extensive park system.  Hunting and fishing are popular year round too.  Minot is the forth largest city in North Dakota, but it hides a sizable and dynamic arts community.  Minot is home to several major fairs and festivals including the North Dakota State Fair and Norsk Hostfest.


Theodore Roosevelt National Park preserves the rugged beauty of North Dakota's Badlands and the legacy of our 26th President, Teddy Roosevelt.  At TRNP, you can enjoy a scenic drive, hike, camp or explore by horseback.  Bison and wild horses roam freely.  In the park's back country it is possible to hike for days without coming across another human or sign of human development.


North Dakota is a great place for registered nurses that are looking for a relaxed pace.   Consider North Dakota for your next travel assignment or a permanent position.

Licensing:  Compact
Lic. Board:  North Dakota Board of Nursing
Avg High in November:  36° w/ 0.70" of precip.
Type of Position   (what's a compact state?)
Location Features (within driving distance)
Posted Occupation Specialty Type Compensation Location
OngoingRNM/STravel, Contract$ 38.63 - $ 41.63Fargo, ND
OngoingRNMedSurgTravelFargo, ND
OngoingRNEndoscopyTravel, ContractFargo, ND
OngoingRNInpatient EndoscopyTravelFargo, ND
OngoingRNIMCUTravel, ContractFargo, ND
OngoingRNIntermediate Care (SE)TravelFargo, ND
OngoingRNONCOLOGYTravel, ContractFargo, ND
OngoingRNM/STravel, Contract$ 38.63 - $ 41.63Fargo, ND
OngoingRNInpatient Oncology(S)TravelFargo, ND
OngoingRNMedical Inpatient(S)Travel$ 38.63 - $ 41.63Fargo, ND
OngoingRNPACUTravel, Contract$ 41.13 - $ 44.13Fargo, ND
OngoingRNPACUTravel$ 41.13 - $ 44.13Fargo, ND
OngoingRNFLOATTravel, ContractFargo, ND
OngoingRNFloat PoolTravelFargo, ND
OngoingRNORTravel, Contract$ 38.66 - $ 41.66Fargo, ND
OngoingRegistered Nursemed surg nurseTravel, ContractFargo, ND
OngoingRegistered Nurselabor & delivery nurseTravel, ContractFargo, ND
OngoingRNERTravel, ContractWilliston, ND
OngoingRegistered Nursel&d / ob nurseTravel, ContractDickinson, ND
OngoingRegistered Nurseob nurseTravel, ContractDevils Lake, ND
OngoingRegistered Nurseoperating room nurseTravel, ContractDevils Lake, ND
OngoingRegistered NurseobTravel, ContractDickinson, ND
OngoingRegistered Nursemedical surgical nurseTravel, ContractDevils Lake, ND
OngoingRNORTravel, ContractDevils Lake, ND
OngoingRNORTravelWilliston, ND
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