Travel, Per Diem, Contract and Permanent Nursing Jobs in the Lincoln, Nebraska area

Nebraska has wide open spaces, dotted with charming towns and unique and sometimes funky attractions, to the west and Omaha, a friendly and dynamic city on the east.  The number one attraction in Nebraska is the world famous Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha.  The Henry Doorly Zoo is considered on of the top zoos in the world.  It has the world's largest indoor rainforest, the world's largest indoor desert, a saltwater aquarium with underwater walk-thru tunnel and many more exhibit areas.  This is a don't miss destination.


The Omaha Zoo zoo should certainly be at the top of everyone's list of things to do in Nebraska, but there are lots of other attractions to add too.  The Omaha Children's Museum is a great place to let the kids learn science.  The Joslyn Art Museum has a great collection that stretches from antiquity to the present and The Strategic Air and Space Museum is one of the best in the nation.  Don't miss the Lauritzen Botanical Gardens and the Fontenelle Forest Nature Center either.  Ready for great restaurants and unique shops? Then an afternoon or evening at the Old Market is a must!

Nebraska is famous for it's quirky attractions too.  Don't miss Carhenge if you're ever in the north-west part of Nebraska and you might want to spend a day "tanking" in north central Nebraska.

Most of all, Nebraska is friendly people, living in a relaxed place.  It's a great place to relax and unwind while making new friends and advancing your nursing career!

Licensing:  Compact / Walk through
Lic. Board:  Nebraska Health and Human Servi...
Avg High in November:  50° w/ 1.30" of precip.
Type of Position   (what's a compact state?)
Location Features (within driving distance)
Posted Occupation Specialty Type Compensation Location
OngoingRNM/STravel, ContractLincoln, NE
OngoingRNMed/Surg N/STravelLincoln, NE
OngoingRNICUTravel, ContractLincoln, NE
OngoingRNNeuro/Trauma ICUTravelLincoln, NE
OngoingRNIMCUTravel, ContractLincoln, NE
OngoingRNCardiac/PCUTravelLincoln, NE
OngoingRNMed/Surg GeroTravelLincoln, NE
OngoingRNM/STravel, ContractLincoln, Ne
OngoingRNOperating RoomTravel, ContractCompetitive Pay!Lincoln, NE
OngoingRNM/STravel, Contract$ 36.00 - $ 39.00Scottsbluff, NE
OngoingRNERTravel, Contract$ 39.74 - $ 42.74Scottsbluff, NE
OngoingRNM/STravel, Contract$ 35.28 - $ 38.28Scottsbluff, NE
OngoingRNICUTravel, ContractSt Paul, NE
OngoingRNORTravel, Contract$ 46.76 - $ 49.76North Platte, NE
OngoingRNICUTravel, ContractNorth Platte, NE
OngoingRNM/STravel, Contract$ 32.72 - $ 35.72Grand Island, NE
OngoingRNORTravel, ContractNorth Platte, NE
OngoingRegistered Nursepcu nurseTravel, ContractGrand Island, NE
OngoingRegistered Nurseoperating room nurseTravel, ContractKearney, NE
OngoingRegistered Nursel&d/ob nurseTravel, ContractKearney, NE
OngoingNursingIntensive Care / Coronary Nurse (ICU)Travel, Contract, Permanent$ 35.91 - $ 38.91North Platte, NE
OngoingNursingAntepartumTravel, Contract, Permanent$ 35.28 - $ 38.28North Platte, NE
OngoingNursingEndoscopy NurseTravel, Contract, Permanent$ 38.47 - $ 41.47Alliance, NE
OngoingRNOperating RoomTravel, Contract, PermanentWestern Nebraska, NE
OngoingRNLabor & DeliveryTravel, ContractNebraska City, NE
OngoingRNOBTravel, ContractNebraska City, NE
OngoingRNERTravel, ContractKearney, NE
OngoingRNEndoscopyTravel, ContractKearney, NE
OngoingNursingLabor and Delivery NurseTravel, Contract, Permanent$ 48.03 - $ 51.03Alliance, NE
OngoingRNORTravelNorth Platte, NE
OngoinghealthcareMed-SurgTravelNorth Platte, NE
OngoingRNNICUTravelScottsbluff, NE
OngoingRNOncologyTravelKearney, NE
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